About Us
About the Company
Smoke House Lumber Company is located outside Warrenton, NC in the Inez Community.  We are owned and operated by our parent company Louisburg Hardwood, Inc. (and work in unison with our sister company Louisburg Box and Pallet, LLC.,) which has been in the timber, sawmill, firewood, and environmental silt fence stake business for many years.  Our commitment to quality products and reliable service distinguishes us as leaders in the industry.

Environmental Silt Fence Stakes
Quality is job one for our silt fence stakes.  We recognize that quality is your major concern in purchasing stakes to meet your customers demands.  Our stakes are manufactured to correct dimensions, treated for mold prevention, and packaged on pallets for easy transport.  

Louisburg Box and Pallet
Louisburg Box and Pallet LLC, was formed to meet the needs of North Carolina Sweet Potato growers and packers to supply them with quality 40 Bushel Bins for Potato storage and pallets to ship to their customers.

Sweet Potato Boxes
Our Boxes are built entirely of Dense Hardwood Lumber (Oak, Hickory, Ash) to meet the rigorous demands and quality that our farmers require.

We off New and Used Class B pallets in sizes to fit your needs and budget. We also are certified to Heat Treat your pallets to meet USDA Export Requirements. 

Firewood Products
Our firewood is guaranteed to be seasoned and dried, cut uniformly, cleaned thoroughly and processed before it is available for sale.

Environmental Policy
Our stakes, lumber, pallets, boxes and firewood comes from only environmental correct raw material sources.  We meet or exceed all USDA policies, are Pro Logger Certified, and believe in the sustainability of our nation's greatest resource, our forests.

Pictures of our Production Yard
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